Guess What ?!


Random Acts of Christmas :)

This post a bit past due.. but wanted to share it.
Ribbon is a gift and incentive solution that can be used anytime you need a gift..the cool thing about it is that the recipient chooses the gift... there are 21 different collections ranging from $30-$1000. It has an elegant presentation, FREE shipping, a 180-day satisfaction guarantee and best of all, Gift cards that never expire!
The gift card that comes with the Ribbon gift collection has a redemption code that the recipient uses via ordermygift.com... they redeem the gift of their choice on line and its shipped right to them!
The retail website where all the collections can be viewed/purchased is HERE!! When i was doing wedding photography, I would always give the couple an "I Do" Ribbon Gift Collection..I always loved seeing their reaction.."You mean we can choose anything in here??" .. hehe.. "YES!, shipping is free..just go to ordermygift.com and redeem your gift there!"
The one we handed the soldiers was called the "Variety" Ribbon Gift Collection..it is a $30 gift collection..the price is 'unknown' to the recipient..its not printed anywhere on the material or on line when they redeem it..so that's pretty neat too ;) Enjoy this video from Christmas, 2010!


Me and Tan-Man

Our annual pumpkin patch photo :) Love you Tanner!!

Cooper turns 1 !

Just a couple from Coopers session last week.


Miss Addison Drew

Just a few from Miss Addie's session :)